June 13, 2010


i can't help feeling like i'm talking to no one....let's say something provocative, shall we?

edward cullen and i are going off to ecuador to have lots of messy sex.

this is provocative because:

A. whenever the words 'edward' and 'cullen' are used near each other, people immediately get involved. there are mainly two parties: 'i love edward. he will marry me.' and 'edward cullen is a sparkly fag.' then there are those who care so little about stephenie meyer and everything twilight that they do not deign the parties worthy of their attention.

B. clearly, ecuador is too sunny for edward. duh.

and C. it has 'sex' in it, which immediately draws our curious eyes to the word and all the taboo conotations and fantasies inspired by it. oh the joys of the human psyche.

taking cake and many forks to church tonight. yay for chocolate.

peace be with you,

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