June 9, 2010

hello, good people

i believe the purest sound in all the world is the voice of Kim Deal; chick-bassist extraordinaire. not only is she, like, amazing with a bass guitar but her voice is like angels in their most content and beautiful state. in addition to her heavenly vox, she is wonderfully and oh-so-perfectly tainted with the punk/grunge/growling noises sound of the band in which she features: Pixies. Special mention also goes to their lead singer, who can scream like the devil in songs such as 'Tame' and go on to sing with remarkable clarity in songs like 'Monkey Gone to Heaven'. In fact, kudos to all of you crazy weirdos.

now, shall i introduce myself?
my name is violet.
i like what i like (ie. music, movies, uncontrived randomness, people who make me laugh, art that makes me nostalgic, and a number of other things that i withhold the right to disclose at any time. (see how i covered my ass for liability there?))
i run on a unique wavelength only shared by one person i know of.
i laugh at my jokes more than anyone else does. this gives me a healthy self esteem.
i am most often feeling cardboard (that's an emotion) but occasionally i find myself hysterical in any of its forms (happiness, anger, dementia, stress, misery...)
i also enjoy parenthesis (can you tell yet?)

i look forward to blogging with you,
peace be with you,


    Dude... lovely to see you have converted to the land... OF BLOG! I will now follow you in my strenuous efforts to understand what the HELL YOUR ON ABOUT! No I kid I know what your on about about 98% of the time, because us = same wave link WOO! SMURF IT UP!
    All my fish,
    Beanz ♥

  2. OH MY GOODNESS ME, it's SPC! or, in other words, VIOLET YOU HAVE BLOGGAGE! good work, my dear, good work. i like the colors, and you have one of those awesome fishy things at the top. those things amuse me for hours on end...
    thank you for following me!!
    char x