June 17, 2010



...long, hot showers after long, cold nights.

...chasers. they do make the shots a bit easier to endure.

...friends; old and new.

...hickeys. they are the souvenirs from little mini vacations.

...doonas. they are the reasons we go on living during the dead of winter.

...curry, which makes everything better.

...tea. (must i elaborate?)

...sport. no matter how often i neglect it, it's always equally as entertaining when i come grovelling back into its muscular arms.

...naps, without whom we would never stay awake past midnight or rise before the sun.

...cameraphones, which help us remember the night before.

...long weekends.

...skinny, white boys who are the salt of the earth.

...michael jackson, who is always appropriate. (insert 'Thriller' here)

...love, and the people who seem to become more enamoured with you when you have just woken up with a headache, a headful of tangled hair, and a sour disposition and who will help you laugh yourself right out of said sourness.
yes, love is a good thing.

Peace be with you, my kenyan babies.

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