June 12, 2010

i am woman

i love study leave - you get so much done. unfortunately, most of it is not studying.

i have baked a baker's half dozen cupcakes and now a double layered chocolate cake is in my oven.

to be fair, i also have done about a chapter of maths revision and watched all of the first disk of the Two Towers special features (gollum becomes less annoying when you see andy serkis doing the work...)

i have also ripped my new tights. damn you, netting, and your flimsy disposition. never fear, dear readers, i have repaired the dusty purple tights with hot pink thread. :)

in short, i am woman: hear me roar as i burn myself on the oven and stab myself in the thigh with the needle (yes, i did fix the tights while wearing them...i'm that talented)

peace be with you,

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