June 26, 2010

Kevin, Fiona, and Ethiopian food

meet my new friends: Kevin and Fiona.

Kevin and Fiona are the smiley smiley university students on the cover of my copy of the 2010 QTAC book. what is QTAC, you may be asking yourself? well, let me tell you.

i haven't the slightest idea. something about university.

but how, i ask you, am i to think about something as mundane and mindnumbing as university when i am so many levels of smitten? and how can i blog the situation without arousing suspicion...

for awhile now, the relationship with my excellent boyfriend has been rather shallow and routine. it was like eating at a very fancy restaurant. the kind where you know that if the cook went on Masterchef, they wouldn't introduce their cooking style by saying anything containing the words 'simple', 'basics' or 'enjoyable'.

the plate is set down in front of you and it looks a lot like something that would break if you breathed near it. is that bit edible or is that just crafted out of diamonds and gold leaf? not only that, but the portion sizes are ridiculous and...are those brussels sprouts?!

you know that you should like it but you just can't bring yourself to even think about picking up your fork. where do you even begin? so you just sort of shuffle the various elements around the plate, all the while ensuring your hosts that 'yes, this food is great. i love ethiopian cuisine!'

well, last night, i took a bite.

and let me tell you that ethiopian cuisine is the best in the world.

bon appetite! :)

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