June 11, 2010

procrastination cakes

english exam this morning - you don't care so i will go no further.

got home and procrastinated by watching the Lord of the Rings special features. i love them because they are like reliving hours of my childhood. (btw, i am well versed in the making of the films so i kick ass at Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit, and one day, when i finish the books, i will kick ass at all the different catagories)

attempted to do maths study. ended up yelling some colourful words at the paper. becoming a prostitute tomorrow.

procrastinated by making cupcakes. :)........................................ (<-- those are because i splashed icing on my laptop while making said cupcakes and i was getting it off of my '.' key)

proceeded to fight with blogspot over the prettyness of my page. this is more difficult than myspace was.

i love you my people. i enjoy blogging my thoughts and activities.

peace be with you,

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