June 10, 2010


today was the first official day of study leave - YAY.
although i have an exam tomorrow morning, i decided to take the first day off (the only day off i'm taking until the end of term) to hang out with my lovely boyfriend, ben.

woke up early, checked the blogisphere (1 new follower - hooray!) and headed off to carindale heights. got there before 10 and the chilling began promptly; hooray for movies (and for pawpaw ointment as i'm not afraid to admit that i have some pash rash to recover from). got home a few hours ago and promptly watched masterchef while eating mi goreng as fast as possible in my freezing state. and now it's glee time.

continuing to procrastinate studying for english in the morning, i am now posting a second blog for you good people to enjoy.

until next time, peace be with you.

(PS. found an additional follower after logging in tonight - double hooray!)

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