June 14, 2010

things to recall tomorrow morning

1. A = w/2 [(total end lengths) + 2(total middle lengths)] when the intervals along the survey line are EVEN.
however, A = length of survey line x average of mid-ordinate lengths when the intervals are UNEVEN.

2. FV = PV (1 + i)^n BUT PV = FV (1 + i)^-n (when in alphabetical order (ie. FV before PV), n is positive. when in anti-alphabetical order, n is negative)

3. Two methods of depreciation:
Straight line method (or prime cost method) where item depreciates by the same AMOUNT every year.
or Diminishing Value method where item depreciates by same PERCENTAGE every year:
FV = PV (1 - a/100)^n (a could of course be replaced by i)

4. Heron's formula: A = square root of s(s-a)(s-b)(s-c)
s = 1/2(a+b+c)

5. food goes in mouth. chew thoroughly and let you instincts guide you from there.

6. clothes are generally appropriate. there are very few situations where nakedness is expected or allowed.

7. the cap must be removed from the pen in order for it to work. likewise, calculator must be turned on first.

8. horses are majestic and nice.

9. shoes usually require socks.

10. the tongue should be kept inside the mouth during most events. there are some exceptions to this rule.

peace be with you, kidlings.

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