July 14, 2010

pash = passion??

do you remember when a kiss was the be all and end all? it was the climax of the movie; the final release of tension; the point at which life as you knew it was changed forever.

is it just me or has the kiss become something a bit commonplace? it's a peck hello, or the beginning of something much less romantic and much more carnal. we even kiss relatives and family friends hello and goodbye now (and that freaks me out, for the record).

perchance it's only that i have not found someone to kiss that changes life as i know it. but i doubt it.

i believe that, like christmas, the kiss has now just become something to do.

there isn't tension and anxiousness and fear and exhilerating smittenness before the kiss. but how to fix this, i can't say.

ideas, bloggees? because i am still waiting for the kiss that takes my breath away. the kiss that rivals that of Buttercup and Westley. The. Kiss. hmm?

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