July 17, 2010


last night, my boyfriend called me. he was fishing with his mates and got bored. so i got to listen to him struggling through the ankle-deep mud to catch fish. it was not only very amusing but incredibly sweet and nice. the perfect way to finish a day. i love having the last thing i hear before i go to sleep be his voice :)

this morning, i had planned to go on a venture. so, after taking everything out of my wardrobe, piling it on my bed and finally deciding to wear the only things i hadn't looked at (meanwhile trumping around the house in my bra and pretty patterned tights in a fashion-frustrated-funk), i threw the dishes into the dishwasher in five minutes and ran to catch the bus to the shops.

my first stop was the library where i was denied a membership. being under 18 is seriously getting in my way.

next stop, stationery. every english lesson i read my novel and say to myself and my neighbours 'i need those little sticky tabby things so that i can stop defiling this book with dogears and pencil marks'. so, sticky tabby things i now have.

next, the hairdressers who have kindly offered me $50 of free hair stuff in order to entice me to give them more business. i haven't found the catch so far but i'll let you know if i'm forced into slavery or excessive charges after my appointment on monday.

then i wandered for awhile, stopping briefly in the florists only to be disappointed with their lack of cactus. what kind of florists is this?

bought a cactus for my friends, who are having a dinner party tonight. came home, full of frankie joy (I LOVE FRANKIE. this kind of love requires capitals)

just brought my peanut butter cookies out of the oven. i am now going to enjoy some while they are still warm.

so that's my day so far.

peace be with you, bloggees.

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