August 27, 2010


I borned an infant that could have been love
And you strangled it in your passion.

I was a river now turned to poison
So nothing can grow on its shores.

I was asleep but now am awake
And ashamed of my dreaming.

I am Antigone, needing to be broken,
But not in the way you broke me.

I am Venus; powerful and zealous
But in your sight I am malleable.

I am violated under the banner of love
This is how you ruined me.


  1. We borned an infant that could have been love
    And while I nurtured it, you refused to feed it, and simply let it fade away.

    You were a beautiful garden that was poisoned,
    you look to the caretaker to blame, yet not the insects.

    I was asleep but now am awake
    realizing how easy it was to trust in something that would turn on me.

    You are Antigone, and I am Haemon
    You decide it is easier to end than face your problems, and I decide I would follow you anywhere.

    You are Mnemosyne; you force me to drink from the river Lethe,
    But I am afraid of what I will forget.

    I wait for you under the banner of love
    knowing you will never return.

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